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3-Dimensional Education

We are excited to bring 3 Dimensional Educational Education (3DE) to Crenshaw High School STEMM Magnet for the 2021-2022 school year!


3DE by Junior Achievement delivers rigorous interdisciplinary courses through authentic experiences to accelerate students’ knowledge gains as well as building the skills, perspectives and portfolio to differentiate themselves in the highly competitive post-secondary and career environments. The fully immersive experience provides deep exposure to variety of companies and industries through Case Challenges in addition to interaction with career professionals through classroom advisors, coaches, and career exposure. There are no eligibility criteria for students who wish to enroll in 3DE.


All students entering the 9th grade at Crenshaw in 2021 will be part of 3DE for their entire four year high school career here. However, students must complete a magnet application and use school code #1859601 in order to be accepted. Spaces are limited so apply early!


We look forward to working with your child and helping them develop real world, 21st century skills!


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