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Alma Mater/Spirit Song


Our hearts forever shall be proud Of colors BLUE and GOLD.
We stand for RIGHTS and FREEDOM In the land that we call home. 
We’ll fight together one and all For pride and dignity 
And live the life that’s best for us In peace eternally. 
The Nation’s future looks to us Her life within our hands. 
We’ll defend the grounds for which she stands. 
All Hail to Crenshaw High!* (Crenshaw High) 

Written by Harold Johnson Class of 1969 
*This line was originally written O Cougars, Sound your cry” 
Arranged by Iris Stevenson 1985

Crenshaw Spirit Song

Crenshaw, We are Crenshaw We’re Crenshaw Family. 
Crenshaw, We are Crenshaw Throughout our history 
We’re proud of who we are And what our future goals shall be. 
Crenshaw, We are Crenshaw Throughout eternity. 

Crenshaw, We are Crenshaw Don’t try to play our game. 
Crenshaw, We are Crenshaw You just won’t be the same. 
Our force is great, Our will is strong. We’re going all the way (hey,hey,hey) 
Crenshaw. We are Crenshaw. Today is Crenshaw Day.

Don't worry about a thing
Just Rock the Blue and Gold