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Graduation Requirements and Minimum College Admission “A-G” Requirements

Subject High School Graduation UC/CSU (*1) NCAA Division 1
Social Studies- “A” Requirement 20 credits
World History AB
US History AB
2 years
UC :World History AND US History (or 1 semester US Hist AND 1 semester Gov)
CSU: US History (or 1 semester US AND 1 semester Gov), plus 1 year Social science from either the “A” or “G”
2 years
English- “B” Requirement
40 credits
4 years college preparatory English
Intermediate ESL/ELD can count for 1 year toward requirement
Advanced ESL/ELD can count for 1 year toward requirement
4 years college preparatory English
UC :no more than 1 yr of ADV
ESL/ELD and not in senior year
CSU: no more than 1 yr of ADV ESL/ELD
4 years college preparatory English
Mathematics- “C” Requirement 30 credits college preparatory mathematics. Minimum- Algebra1 and Geometry or Applied Math 3 years college preparatory math
4th year recommended. Must complete Algebra 1, 2 and Geometry
3 years
(Algebra 1 or higher)
Science- “D” Requirement 10 credits- Biological Science
10 credits- Physical Science
2 years laboratory science
3rd year recommended.
UC: 2 of 3 – Biology, Chemistry, Physics OR 1 of Bio/Chem/Physics and 1 Interdisciplinary Science (“D” only)
CSU: 1 year life science; 1 year physical science (1 from “D”, 1 from “D” or “G”
(* 3)
2 years
Foreign Language- “E” Requirement
20 credits
2 years of the same foreign language.
2 years of the same foreign language; a 3rd year recommended, ASL accepted none
VAPA-Visual and Performing Arts- “F” Requirement 10 credits One full year course or 2 semesters in same discipline  10 credits One full year course or 2 semesters in same discipline  none
Electives- “G” Requirement
10 credits
One year
1 year or more worth of advanced courses in A – G subjects: Social Science, English, Math, Lab Science, Foreign Language, Arts 1 additional year of math , English or science, plus 4 years of additional courses from any area above, foreign language, or non-doctrinal religion/philosophy
Physical Education
20 credits
2 years
none none
Health 5 credits none none
Assessments For the 2020-2021 school year CSU is test blind; UC will look at test scores if you submit them UC: ACT Assessment plus writing or SAT Reasoning Test. Subject Tests are optional.
CSU: ACT without writing or SAT Reasoning Test (writing score not used)
Non-course Requirements Career pathway and service learning can be met at any grade level   Report SAT or ACT scores to NCAA Eligibility Center
Total credits needed for Graduation - 210 Credits

  1. *This list reflects the minimum admission requirements for UC/CSU. For a complete description of UC/CSU admission requirements, please refer to and
  2. *NCAA- this is a brief summary. Please log on to the NCAA website for the complete eligibility requirements at


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