Union Bank

As part of their commitment to strengthen under-served communities, they promote financial education and college readiness through student-run bank branches. Each year, students are selected for a year-long internship where they acquire and practice customer service skills and educate their classmates and teachers about the basics of personal finance.

The high school branch is part of an innovative program designed to provide students with real-world financial education, work experience, and mentoring opportunities. Located on the Crenshaw High School campus, the student-run branch is staffed by student bankers who acquire skills in finance, as well as teamwork, leadership and the hands-on experience of working in a bank overseen by a seasoned Union Bank branch manager. 

Traditional banking products and services are available to students, school staff, school administrators, and teachers. The students also attend finance class sessions. In addition to building skills in finance, leadership, management and marketing, the students receive a $500 stipend for working in the branch and a $1,000 scholarship for college when the course is completed. 

Over 30 students have worked as tellers and several are now bank officers @ local Union Bank Branches since graduating from high school. Our student-run branches are just one example of how Union Bank creates new opportunities to help people in our communities. When people thrive, everyone wins!