Welcome to Girls Tennis

The goal of the tennis program at Crenshaw High is not to find the next great tennis athlete. It is to introduce the students in the school to a very fun and challenging sport. To open the students up to trying new things now and in the future. Expose them to a world and expand their minds to something they know very little about. Grow confidence and help them embrace being different as a good thing. This is to be accomplished through the Four Claw Marks: Academics, Athletics, Pride, Respect.

  • The Four Claw Marks
    They will always come first. Pushing yourself in class rewards you the opportunity to push yourself on the court.
    Show people what you can do with your physical abilities and natural talents.
    Play with a sense of pride in ones self, for your teammates and as representative of your school.
    Give your all. Clawing through the practices will grow a respect for this game, for yourself, your teammates and your opponent.