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Visitor Protocol

Crenshaw High School

Protocol for Visitors to School Campus

Board Rule

It is important that all visitors be made aware of and adhere to BOARD RULES 1265 and 2002 which govern the activities of outsiders.

The presence of any parent, community person, organization representative(s), former and/or current L.A.U.S.D. employee, concerned groups, or other individuals or groups, regardless of affiliation, requires the PRINCIPAL’S CONSENT AND APPROVAL. Pupils, school personnel, classroom, special programs, or other activities, regardless of their funding source, are not subject to visitation, observations or any other external attention without the school administrator's approval.

All Visitors must have valid photo identification.

Visitors are not permitted in classrooms without direct approval of an administrator.

All visitors must obtain a visitor’s permit and sign the visitors’ book at the main entrance.

Teachers should notify immediately an administrator or campus security of unauthorized visitors.

Teachers should notify the attendance office in advance when an approved visitor is scheduled to visit your class.

Procedures for visitations by parents/guardians are shared with them at the beginning of the year.

All unexpected visitors are directed to Attendance Office where the purpose of their visit is ascertained.

Parents must give 24 hours notice to see a teacher, unless the teacher agrees to an earlier time. Parent/Guardians conferences should be held in common designated areas.

Parents may wait in a designated office to meet teachers for conference.

Former students may only go to the Attendance Office for transcripts. They are NOT allowed on campus to visit teachers during the school day.

Any teacher having a guest speaker must receive approval from administration prior to the speaking engagement or the engagement will be cancelled.

Student observers must clear through the training institutions and must present proper credentials to the administrator in charge of career/college programs.