Visitor Policy


  • Sign in (and out) at the main entrance to the school.

  • Wear and properly display a yellow visitor’s badge in a visible location.

  • Obtain approval from the Attendance Office before proceeding to a classroom or other campus locations. 

  • Go only to the location specified on the visitor’s pass.

  • Sign out and return the visitor’s badge at the main entrance to the school before leaving campus.

  • Remember the following guidelines:
    • Enter and leave the classrooms with minimal disruption to instruction.
    • Do not converse with any students.
    • Do not converse with teachers or aides during instruction unless you already have an approved appointment.
    • Be respectful of student activities and the operations of the offices during your visit.
    • Any individual who causes a disruption or fail to follow school procedures is subject to removal from the school site and may be further restricted from visiting the school.
    • Children who are not currently enrolled at the school site are not to be on the campus unless prior approval of the Principal has been obtained. 


  • Parents are welcome to visit their child’s classes.  If you are visiting a classroom, you will receive a visitor’s permit with the administrator/designee’s approval, from the Attendance Office, before proceeding to the classroom.  The observation should be kept to 20 minutes or less.

Note: The frequency of classroom visits must be reasonable and will be determined by school administration in coordination with the teacher.

  • All Parent / Teacher conferences are held during the Teacher’s conference period, before, or after school. Conferences may be scheduled in the Attendance/Counseling Office. 

At Crenshaw we want to build positive relationships with parents and community members while providing excellent customer service 100% of the time.