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  • 38:13 ORNETTE COLEMAN The Shape of Jazz to Come

    "Lonely Woman" is a jazz composition by Ornette Coleman. Coleman's recording of it was the opening track on his 1959 Atlantic Records album The Shape of Jazz to Come. Alongside Coleman's alto saxophone, the recording featured Don Cherry on cornet, Charlie Haden on double bass and Billy Higgins on drums.

    In an interview with Jacques Derrida, Coleman spoke of the origin of the composition:

    "Before becoming known as a musician, when I worked in a big department store, one day, during my lunch break, I came across a gallery where someone had painted a very rich white woman who had absolutely everything that you could desire in life, and she had the most solitary expression in the world. I had never been confronted with such solitude, and when I got back home, I wrote a piece that I called 'Lonely Woman.' "

    Ornette Coleman - The Shape of Jazz to Come
    Recorded and released in 1959

    00:00 Lonely Woman
    05:01 Eventually
    09:24 Peace
    18:25 Focus on Sanity
    25:18 Congeniality
    32:07 Chronology

    Ornette Coleman - alto saxophone
    Don Cherry - cornet
    Charlie Haden - bass
    Billy Higgins - drums
    "Focus On Sanity" by Ornette Coleman

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  • 2:35 Crenshaw student blows the crowd away at the Harlem Globetrotters game!

    On February 21, 2016, Leah Scurlock, a Junior at Crenshaw, was selected to sing the National Anthem at Staples Center for the Harlem Globetrotters 90th Year Anniversary game.

    Uploaded Feb 22, 2016 to Visual & Performing Arts Academy

    (HD) Christina Aguilera - Hillbilly Bone & Fighter Live The Voice (mp4 720p).mp4

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  • 5:35 RAINY DAYS Professor Iris Stevenson & Crenshaw Elite Choir

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