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About CYFC

The CYFC Afterschool Program focuses on the academic and social success of students at Crenshaw High School. The program is held for three and a half hours a day; Monday through Friday. While in the program, students receive daily homework help, enrichment, tutoring, and a nutritional snack. The program utilizes a CYFC developed curriculum that integrates the school curriculum with additional resources to provide a unique learning experience for our students.
The three main components

Project Advancement has three main components to the afterschool program. Below is a description of them:

· Homework Assistance: Every day, students are provided with the time and assistance needed to complete their homework. Homework help is mandated across every site for at least an hour, while some actually extend the time as needed. Our tutors do not operate “quiet rooms”; rather they are constantly involved with each student – helping them to understand the concepts while checking their work for accuracy.

· Enrichment: Enrichment serves as an opportunity to provide disguised learning opportunities to students. Enrichment allows each student to explore their personal interests in an engaging, free thinking space. Enrichment areas include Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Sports, and Character Building.

· Academic Tutoring: The tutoring component provides instruction that reinforces the concepts taught during the regular school day. Tutors provide instruction to the students based upon their grade and academic need. The tutoring component utilizes CYFC created lesson plans that are state aligned and geared towards multiple learning styles.


Lachelle Barnes
Site Coordinator
Room 221