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Maria Bennett- Educator

Hello! My name is Maria Bennett. I posses two Bachelor degrees in Criminal Justice and English Literature. I hold two Master Degrees’ in Education and English Language Learnrers. I have 16 years experience teaching within the secondary and adult school realms respectively. My instructional experience ranges from English Education, English Literature, ELL and Adult Education. I posses strong leadership and classroom management skill, and have facilitated professional development training for peer teachers within my administrative positions of Disciplinary Dean, English Department Chair, and Assistant Principal.

My years of experience within the educational field has taught me that in order to essentially prepare young adults to compete, we must focus more on creating strong academic environments within school campuses that cater to the needs and diversity of our students. My teaching experience as an English teacher focused on working within diverse educational settings, focusing on students at risk of failing or adults looking for the motivation to enhance their knowledge. My studies in Juvenile Law and three years of military training, leadership, and experience as a Second Lieutenant in the U. S. Army has given me the know-how and knowledge needed to help individuals become accountable and successful, both academically and personally.

As an educator, my primary goal is to enhance the many spirits that cross my path; allowing them to see the power and greatness they posses. This will be accomplished by giving back to those young people who will become our future. I am a true example of what education can do. “I swear by it!” I believe in a philosophy of “Each One, Teach One!” Yet, this can only be accomplished with the courage to share the knowledge.