About CYFC

The Children Youth and Family Collaborative (CYFC) is a nationally recognized organization serving over 2,500 foster youth and youth on probation at fifty sites in Los Angeles, Compton, Pomona, Hacienda La Puente, Lynwood, the Antelope Valley, Long Beach and Montebello Unified School Districts. CYFC utilizes a holistic approach to improve the educational outcomes of foster youth and youth on probation. Our organization is one of 49 agencies nationwide to receive an Innovation Grant from the Obama Administration for its demonstrated success serving foster youth. In addition, CYFC is one of 15 grantees in the United States receiving a grant from the nation’s largest education funder for the CYFC Academic Remediation Intervention and Support Services Education Model A.R.I.S.S.E., which improves academic outcomes for foster youth. CYFC makes the connection between disadvantaged youth and a caring community through partnerships with Los Angeles colleges and universities, school districts, department of probation, Department of Children and Family Services, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, community groups, and faith-based organizations.

The Children Youth and Family Collaborative is dedicated to establishing partnerships with youth-centered organizations in an innovative collaboration designed to link volunteers from the community with youth who at-risk or in foster care for the purpose of enhancing, supporting and providing a holistic approach for the overall well-being of youth preparing to emancipate from foster care while supporting the educational and vocational efforts.